Alianna at only 8 year's old started Junior Flips. She now speaks all over the world as a motivational speaker. She has been featured by Microsoft, Ebony Magazine, and interviewed for Steve Harvey Show.

Alianna's Book "25 Businesses Kids Can Start for under $500"  is available now for sale on here and on Amazon. Or Buy Skyler's book "How to Become a Kid Entrepreneur". Give your child the gift of entrepreneurship with these books.


          In 2017,  Six Elementary School Kids ages 7 to 13 years old grew tired of playing video games and watching TV -so after an inspirational chance meeting with Oprah Winfrey along with seed money from one of the parents they partnered up and launched Junior Flips, LLC (Jr Flips).

        Jr Flips takes distressed properties and transforms them into beautifully renovated single family homes in Washington, DC. and Maryland. As of today they have grossed nearly $500,000 in sales and on their way to $1,000,000.

Being kids and having grossed over $500,000 dollars in house flipping sales we are always asked the same questions. "How can kids buy houses?" or "Where do you get your money from to buy houses? " or " How can someone join Junior Flips?"

Well now we are sharing our knowlege about how we have grossed over $500,000 and nearing the $1,000,000 mark.

Make $25,000 + Flipping Houses  

Bundle Includes:

-Hard Money Lenders List

-How to properly structure buying and selling flip houses 

-5 Worksheets /Spreadsheets for How to ensure you make $25,000 in profit per flip. Includes the formulas and real estate ratios required to not lose money. 

- How- to -Guide to make your first $25,000 profit flipping houses. 

-How & Where to find affordable materials and fixtures. 

-10 Steps to make $25,000 in profit

-How Kids can buy, sell and flip houses to make a profit.

With themes of Hard Work, Entrepreneurship, Work Ethic, Money Management, Team Work, Focus and Dedication-Junior Flips sets out to teach kids the importance of life values while chronicling the journey of these kids as they navigate their flip projects. During the renovation, these junior flippers tackle major adult issues of hard work, conflict, theft, running out of money, deadlines, inspections, all while they race to get their flips finished before they blow their budget.


                           WIN THREE (3) FREE HOUSES 

Junior Flips is announcing  our Homeownership Club! If kids can FLIP, buy, rent, and own their own houses...why can't everyone. So in order to achieve our goal of placing 100 families in 100 homes we set out to do our part by creating a model that can teach kids, first time home buyers and future investors how to buy houses. In learning how to buy houses, this creates generational wealth for their families while also enabling us to give away FREE houses to three of our lucky members. Anyone can sign up today or donate a membership.


           House #1: Baltimore, MD -May 31, 2019 -3 Bedroom Townhouse

           House #2: West Coast -California -Summer 2019 

           House #3- Mid West -(TBA State) -Fall 2019 

We will hire a third party company or law firm to randomly choose a member of our homeownership club to win these houses on the selected dates. The house will then be awarded to the lucky new homeowner free and clear. Meaning no mortgage payments and no mortgage. At this point, the winner can live in their house, rent it out, or do whatever they want with their new house... including resell it. Its 100% yours so do as you wish. Only members will find out actual property addresses. 

Annual Membership is  only $99 per year/person or child. Buy as many memberships as you desire and give out to your kids and /or family and friends.  

Once you become a member you automatically qualify for a chance to win any of the three home give a-ways. Annual memberships are for the entire year and entitle you to recieve many monthly benefits of e-Courses and newsletters. You will get emailed the following:

-Monthly Homeownership e-Courses 

-How to Flip Houses e-Courses

-Rental Investment Property e-Courses 

-Money Management e-Courses 

-Financial Literacy e-Courses 

-How to improve Credit Score & Report Literacy e-Courses  


Basically everything you need to teach yourself, family, friends or children about homeownership, money management and generational wealth. 

Don't miss this opportunity to change your life or the life of others by winning these FREE HOUSES as an incentive for joining the homeownership club! Buy a membership for yourself or give it away as a gift to friends and relatives whom you know could use a house or info on becoming a  howeowner. Children can also become a member but if they win , they must form a LLC to accept ownerhsip or designate a parent on their behalf. Once you register you will begin recieving all e-Courses. 

Homeownership Club Memberships